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About Us

We are ABC Edition. What do we do? We basically provide a unique platform for digital musicians to publish their music and share it with the rest of the listening world. Apart from that, we share generous tips to musicians all over, especially when it comes to how they can ‘market’ their music better. Ain’t no business like show business, after all.

As a parent who is just starting out in the parenting arena, it often gets confusing when it comes to the dilemma between giving your son or daughter what he or she wants or what you think would be best for them. This is especially true for parents who have an adolescent child. All of a sudden, as any great tech blog about child-rearing will most likely teach you, your child the adolescent becomes a ball of hormonal energies that you can’t seem to resonate or flow with.

All of a sudden, they now prefer to go out with your friends than go with you. In the event that they have no choice but to stay home, they now have many ways to shop online instead of actually spending time with you. And most (and perhaps worst) of all, they now have their own goals and aspirations, and these are often goals that you wouldn’t understand.