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Building Your Music Career

Here’s a fun story. What if there was a person who was an accountant all his life, and this life was his constant source of stability and strength? Because he had this job, he always knew where he was going at any time of the day, at any day of the week. But then, lo and behold, because of sheer boredom, this man suddenly decides to shift career paths, and decides to become a musician. Now, what if this happened to you? How will you survive the radical change?

There used to a time when one of the things that starting musicians do is to find a label that would willingly sign them up. While this is also something you can do for yourself, too, it certainly isn’t the most workable anymore. You see, any tech blog would tell you that these days, you can actually do a lot yourself.

First of all, begin by recording some of your stuff (make sure that these are the best you’ve got, of course).

Once you’re done recording, the next thing to do is to share them on the most popular social media websites. Put your mp3 tracks on social network sites specially for musicians, there are loads of them out there and most are free (try SoundCloud, for starters). There are a great number of them, and making your own songs and making covers will certainly help you to have a great music career.

Another thing you can do is to create your own website.

You can freely turn this website into your exclusive platform for your music. That way, your website visitors will get to experience firsthand what an awesome artist you are. More than that, you also get to practice those self-promotional skills on your own website, too. With this, you won’t have to rely on others to do your job for you.

Third, never forget to expand your network continuously. No, this isn’t parasitism. This is something that’s necessary for one to thrive in the industry – know whom to approach for help and whom to help as well. They might say it’s a jungle out there, but it doesn’t have to be.